Intentional communities have been an important piece in the fabric of the American way of life, in all its diversity. Many people feel as though their only way to live alternatively to the mainstream culture is to be part of a community that intentionally values egalitarianism and peace between people among others and within themselves. From the Christian Shaker communities of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to utopian community New Harmony in Indiana, to the smaller-scale mindfulness community at MorningSun, these intentional communities come in many forms and what keeps them together is their commitment to the experiment of living together, by their own principles.  In today’s quickly developing world, it is important to recognize these communities for what they are, and how they are impacting the world around them. This website is using the MorningSun community of Alstead, New Hampshire as an example of a local intentional community.

MorningSun is a community of 16 full time residents that host gatherings every weekend for themselves and the surrounding community to share a space for meditation, learning, mindfulness practices, retreats, and more. They emphasize practicing compassion, and follow many of the teachings of Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh who started the Plum Village village and tradition, of which MorningSun descends from.